This is the greatest gift I can give to my family  and descendants.

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To be a family historian you need to know more than just names and dates. Personalities, habits, snips of knowledge aren't preserved in much of the resources that are normally used. He or she must rely on others to share that information. Please, do not take the whole context as being ‘gospel’. It is not. I am only human and I DO make mistakes. However, you will find a list of all sources which I used (and abused) throughout this book.


I have prepared this record of the Oldfield family hoping that our family members would have something to refer to if they should ever wish to 'keep in touch' with the family - past, present or future.


It may be correctly stated that history does not stand still, because each day changes are made - someone moves - another passes on - another weds - another is born to carry on - and so it is a never ending task keeping records current. This book is far from complete. Perhaps you would like to fill in some missing links, or correct inaccuracies, or add new data as time goes on.



My gosh, where do I start? I wish to acknowledge the help and enthusiasm given by my aunts, uncles, cousins and others for all the names, dates, documents and photographs given me in trust to preserve some of our Oldfield family history.


There were so many who took the time to help me re-construct our family heritage. My ancestors, who had the foresight to keep the family Bible going through the generations. To my mom, for having me. To Linda Conners, Wayne Thomas, Faye (Oldfield) Miller (who I 'discovered' to be one of our relatives and who lives on the original Ohio homestead settled by Joseph Oldfield (my 3rd great grandfather)), to Marguerite and Irene Sater for their information about our Ohio (and Illinois) relatives and their outstanding encouragement throughout this book.


I hope my boys will find this work worthy of their continuation in the future. I hope with this book I can give them a heritage they probably won't truly appreciate until they have their own children and careers. They will tell their children the stories I told them about how they lived with Debbie and me. Just as my father and mother did when I was growing up. Just as 'Bud' had heard from Sherman Oldfield. Just as he did from William Oldfield. Just as he did from Father Joseph.


This is the greatest gift I can give to my relatives and descendants. This is such a small glimpse of a proud American family that lived, married, bore children, died and began again with each new generation. This is also a belated gift to my ancestors who worked so hard to give their children so much more than they had.  And, I hope this book will express my thanks to so many others who passed before including: William and Harriet Oldfield's Bible, Sherman and Jennie Oldfield and especially to Joseph and Sarah Oldfield.

Please note! These links do not work for the family trees. However, if you email me I can share our history with you. Jim Oldfield Jr.

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